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About the Show

Headlines show that the real estate market has hit its peak and it's only a matter of time before the bubble bursts. The market seems to be saturated with wannabe real estate tycoons.

Let's hope they have room for two more: Richie Tatum and David Kimball. They are way too late in the game and lacking any formal education, but that's not stopping them from jumping in head-first.

This unique online show follows their attempts to overcome not only the challenges of the real estate industry, but also each other, facing adversity at every turn with one goal in sight:
To get filthy flippin' rich, one flip at a time.

the Show

Episode 3: The Flippin' Fight
FIGHT! Emotions run wild as David Kimball and Richie Tatum question their loyalty, their partnership, and the results of their first flip. Which will win in this contest of wills? Friendship or Money... or BOTH!

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Released 01.09.07 | Length 06:05
If you cannot view this video, you can watch it at YouTube instead.


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