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OUR HERO! It's like normal house flipping, but on with ninja-like precision.

Todd Dotson

Ty Valkanas, successful student and current Dotson mentor:
"If the navy SEALs taught real estate they would be using Todd Dotson’s Tactical Real Estate ™ System. I should know, I was a Navy SEAL."

Visit TacticalRealEstate.com!!


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The internet is a great resource for real estate investors to learn more about the market, the economy, and themselves. There are also a bunch of blow-hards out there!

Mansion Impossible
A fun game for serious flippers!

Do you think a website can flip your house for you? Well, you're wrong. How is a website going to lay new carpet, for one?

Flip This House
Here's a show that attempts to show you the fast-paced world of real estate, but what they're missing is, well, us. If you want the truth about the seedy underworld of flipping houses, FN is your best bet.

Carleton Sheets
Wow. Here's a guy who couldn't give a crap about real estate. He makes money from selling you DVDs of his advice... we bought one, and now we use it as a coaster.

This site "helped us out," and by "helped us out," we mean "wasted our time." We already know what to do. Stop trying to convert us to your "FSBO" cult!

I guess this isn’t the same website as the one above…if you like spending money, then maybe you should check out this site. WARNING: It will probably bankrupt you.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad
The fastest way to make money is to inherit it when a rich relative dies. I’ve never been to this site, but I’m guessing that’s what they talk about.


This link talks about if flipping homes is legal or not, which is funny, because their site is called "Flipping Homes." So they're justifying their own lame site. They should be fired.

The guys at this site, break it down for you, so you don’t have to.

Flip That House
Another boring show based on lies. If you had a choice between this show and our show, well, we trust you'll make the informed decision...

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