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A Call for Interns

We are looking for business-savvy college students for a summer internship. We offer real, hands-on experience in the real estate field.

If you play your cards right, you might make enough money in one summer to pay for your entire college career!

Contact us at interns@flippernation.com for more info.

Be sure to include a photo of yourself in a swimsuit (preferably two-piece). Sorority experience a plus.

Contact Us!

Flip My House!

If you're interested in real estate, thirsty for national exposure, and have a house that needs some attention, we have a great opportunity for you!

Submit your house to be on the show! If selected, we will:

  1. Buy your house from you at under-market value
  2. Fix up your house (inside/outside)
  3. Sell your house back to you for a healthy profit

Need we say more?

Email us at flipmyhouse@flippernation.com for details! Be sure to include your name, contact info, and house specifications.


Contact Us

Contact us if you're interested in hearing more about the production side of Flipper Nation!

Contact Robert Gustafson and Alec McNayr, from Space Shank Media for more info!

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